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Government Announcements

We have summarised some of the key announcements we felt most relevant to you. As always, we are pleased to answer any questions that our

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Government Announcements

We have summarised some of the key announcements we felt most relevant to you. As always, we are pleased to answer any questions that our clients may have. Please email us at

The Chancellor has highlighted that the pandemic has fundamentally altered our lives. With the economy having shrunk by 10% and borrowing reaching wartime levels. There were no rises in income tax, national insurance or VAT announced. Though the personal income tax allowance and higher-rate threshold will be frozen this year.

Of note was the Chancellor’s announcement that more money would be provided for HMRC investigators to identify fraud relating to the coronavirus support measures.

SEISS Grants

The Self-Employed Income Support Scheme has been extended with grants to cover February to April. As before these grants will be worth 80% of average trading profits, up to £7,500. The next grant will also be available to those who commenced self-employment in the tax year 19/20 on the condition that a 19/20 tax return has been submitted.

Furlough Scheme

The furlough scheme is to be extended until the end of September. Employers will continue to pay 10% of costs through to July, when their contribution will increase to 20%.

Corporation Tax

From April 2023 corporation tax will be 25%. To help protect small businesses a £50,000 small profits rate will be introduced, set at the current rate of 19%. Once a company’s profits rise above £50,000 a taper will apply, so that only businesses with profits above £250,000 will have to pay the 25% rate.

Super Deduction

Form April 2021, for a two-year period, companies can reduce their tax bill by 130% of the costs of investments.

Free Ports

New free ports are to be established. The Chancellor announced eight new locations throughout England.


5% reduced rate for hospitality will be extended to September, with a rate of 12.5% introduced until April next year.

Excises Duties

Alcohol and fuel duties frozen again.

Business Rates Holiday

The businesses rates holiday for those in the hospitality and leisure sector will continue to the end of June, with a two-thirds discount offered for the remainder of the tax year.

Restart Grant

Restart Grants to be offered to businesses in the hospitality, accommodation, leisure, personal care and gym sectors in England. These grants will be worth up to £18,000.

Recovery Loan Scheme

A new loan scheme, the Recovery Loan Scheme, will be launched. Loans under the scheme will have 80% of their value backed by Government. The loans offered under the scheme can range from £25,000 to £10m.

Stamp Duty

Holiday extended until the 30 June, with an interim threshold of £250,000 for three more months. From October, the threshold will return to £125,000.

Mortgage Guarantee

New 5% deposit mortgages.

Universal Credit and Working Tax Credits

The £20 increase to universal credit will continue for six months. Working Tax Credit claimants to be given a one-off payment of £500.

National Living Wage

The National Living Wage is to increase to £8.91 per hour.


The apprenticeship hiring incentive in England is to be extended to September 2021 and the payment will be increased to £3,000. Additionally, an extra £126m will be provided to fund 40,000 more traineeships in England for 16–24-year-olds in 2021/22 academic year.


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